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Who Is The New Multi Millionaire?


Who hasn?t dreamed the American Dream of having your own business and living the millionaire lifestyle.

We see self-made millionaires on television. Their faces stare at us at the checkout counter taunting us.

Those of us who ?want more? constantly ask ourselves? ?How does a person with nothing but a crummy job and a junk of a car, step out and make his or her million??

A few years ago I was working as a production assistant for a Hollywood movie production company. We were always on the lookout for ideas. We had heard rumors about kids becoming millionaires on the internet. We passed this information up the corporate ladder.

We were given the approval to find some of these kids and interview them. It was a stroke of luck to be part of the interview team. The arrangements were made.

Our first interview was with two guys in Colorado. They had already graduated from high school, so they weren?t exactly ?kids?. We arranged to meet at a local Chinese Restaurant.

I don?t know what I expected, but Doogie Howser and his little brother walked through the door. I guess you just assume that a multi millionaire kid might be wearing Armani. No! They were in baggy jeans, hooded sweat shirts and carried?. nothing! Shouldn?t they be carrying something, I thought. Shouldn?t they have large attach? cases filled with hundred dollar bills?

Their clothing and demeanor fooled me for only about five minutes. While they still had the wonderful charm of polite high school boys, they also possessed an uncanny maturity.

When asked how they got started, I was expecting them to talk about years in front of their desk top computers, provided for them by their parents. Not the case. Both guys were entrepreneurial in middle and high school. And, when they discovered that money could be made online, they put their skills to use.

If I had to define the skills, they were persistence, confidence and a ?never give up? attitude.

We were flabbergasted to learn that they could earn from $300,000 to several million dollars in one month! And, they could do it at will. In other words, they could relax one week, and then launch a campaign the next and watch the money roll in.

The way they got started was in affiliate marketing. Soon they discovered the value of building online mailing lists. Having been in sales, they both knew that lists were like gold. What they hadn?t expected, was the massive numbers of email addresses they could collect very quickly.

As they continued affiliate marketing, they also sold related products to the respective lists.

The next logical step was to teach other online wannabe?s how to duplicate the process.

That was back then. Now, there is so much more that can be accomplished. The American Dream is truly available to anyone who has a computer and some drive.

Since interviewing those boys, I have launched my own successful internet business.