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Why The Shift From Global Resorts Network To Myinternetbusiness? Changing Trends In Home Business


As they say in the world of investing, “The trend is your friend”. This is certainly not good for stock investors, but it is great for MyInternetBusiness, (My Internet Business), aka: MIB. Why one online marketing “work at home” company is cleaning up in this economy.

In this gut wrenching economy we are in, there are several major trends now developing in the online marketing business. Overall, more people than ever are forced to seek out additional streams of income. Hundreds of thousands of people have either lost their jobs or fear that they soon will. Their home values have sunk by an average of 25% and their retirement accounts have lost as much as 50%.

It’s been recently reported that Google searches for phrases like; work from home, work at home, home based business, make money from home, make money online, and other similar increases 400% since this time last year. It’s seems like just about everyone is now looking for a way to generate more income. Since the job market is so weak right now, many are turning to the internet to try and find a way to make money at home on the internet.

MyInternetBusiness, MIB, is now seen by many as a life boat of sorts. My Internet Business is in the business of teaching people how to properly market online and make money from home. It’s said that over 95% of all the people entering into home based online businesses have zero online marketing experience. MyInternetBusiness happens to offer one of the most extensive online marketing training libraries. It assumes that everyone starts with no experience and walks them through each step, step by step.

In fact, Robert Hunter, one of the co-founders of MyInternetBusiness was quoted at the recent Wealth Summit Live event held in Orlando, FL, as saying; to some, MyInternetBusiness is viewed as a life boat, or a way to escape this sinking economy. It’s a clear way for many to rescue themselves from these troubled economic times.

Another important trend is also happening within the work at home, make money online, home based business industry. While many of these home based business opportunities have enjoyed success over the recent years, this economy is causing a shift within the industry itself. As an example, Global Resorts Network, other wise known as GRN is a work from home business opportunity. They offer one product; discounts on luxury travel at resorts and condos all over the globe. Global Resorts Network has long enjoyed good success thriving on the baby boomer trend towards increased resort travel.

However, with this u-turn in the economy, luxury resort travel is not on the top of many people’s minds these days. Today many have more pressing needs on their mind… like economic survival!

Interestingly, many of these home based business marketers are doing their due diligence and are finding out that My Internet Business offers a very similar travel package itself that many say is even better than that of GRN. The club offers similar savings at an even larger number of resorts and condos around the world.

Both Global Resorts Network and MyInternetBusiness offer the same top level entry fee cost of $2,995. However, savvy marketers are starting to discover the many differences in the programs. Here is a huge difference. Global Resorts Network only offers a $1,000 commission on a top level sale while MyInternetBusiness offers a whopping $2,000 on each top level sale. That’s no small difference.

Many marketers are also discovering that MyInternetBusiness also offers top level members a digital library of videos, audios, software, templates, eBooks, and other digital information valued at over $65,000. MyInternetBusiness members can resell the digital products and earn 100% of the profits on each sale. These wide differences in value offered by these two companies is what is driving more than a few Global Resorts Network members to join MyInternetBusiness. We can only hope My Internet Business is prepared to handle the increased growth that is headed there way.

It remains to been seen where we are all headed in this economic meltdown. One thing is for sure; smart people will always take the actions necessary and find a way to survive and even prosper in troubled economic times.