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New Online-Marketing Trends

With the majority of people surfing on the internet instead of watching TV, it is reasonable for a large corporation to invest their money into marketing that focuses on online platforms. There are plenty of ways you can do this and they are separated in segments including SEO, SMM, SEM, PPC, Affiliate marketing and a couple of more types that are less important.

The way you do this will depend on the industry and trends. They change constantly because we have new technology and new ways to do it. Once you find an online marketing strategy, stick to it until you get the results you want. It is hard to do everything by yourself so try organizing a team that will work on every segment.

Artificial Intelligence

Some of the biggest companies like Uber and Microsoft have already implemented AI into some processes. The usage of this improved technology will only grow in 2020 as it becomes cheaper. When it comes to digital marketing, it allows you to be in contact with the customer 24/7 without any employee. These programs can make and publish any prewritten content that can work for you as an advertisement.

Some professionals look at this as the biggest opportunity for companies to improve their processes and strategies. Besides helping you achieve your goal, it opens new business ideas and it is one of the fastest-growing markets. AI can use the data it collects to analyze the customer and implement it into the strategy. Platforms like Facebook are making their own bots that use artificial intelligence to interact with the user like a real human. Read more on this link.

People still need to get used to it because one study showed that 2 out of 3 users don’t even notice they are interacting with a bot. More than half of the companies that have an online presence will use this tech for their customer support and advertising. Something that you use constantly which works on this principle is voice search.

Conversational Marketing

With the new changes that are happening, clients expect better service. This involves solving issues as fast as possible and getting an answer right away. Chatbots is the way companies solve this problem because they can respond immediately. It is one on one real-time conversation where customers can get basic information at the moment.

This isn’t only used for customer service but also for promoting a certain product. When you have data about each customer, the bot can adapt to them and provide the information the right way. Some of them work better than agents and make more sales because of their availability and efficiency. When the client has a better experience it means that you are doing something right.


You probably noticed that see an ad about something you talked about in the past. This happens because companies focus on individuals that are somehow connecting with their product or service. Known as personalization, this trend will be used in the future because it is the perfect way to target your audience. This includes personalizing emails, products, content and everything related.

Most people will be annoyed with the advertisement that they don’t care about. There is a high chance they will do business with you when the experience is personalized. You can find many studies online about behavior when it comes to ads and they show that companies grow sales when they focus on individual needs.

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Use Videos As Much As You Can

It has become hard to force your visitors to read through the whole text on your page when they can probably find videos about that topic. That is why it is very important to have both. You don’t have now quality content without videos or at least infographics when you can’t display something through a clip. More than 70% of users will share a clip instead of text.

The majority of business owners said that it improved their conversation rate when it comes to online purchases. Something that is more important is that people will trust more something they can see how it is used instead of just checking a picture. When promoting a product, make sure you have a video explaining how it is used and why is it good and text below with the same information.